Video Maker of Photos with Music : Video Editor, SlideShow Maker

Video editing is a very professional job, being amateur can cause you a little too many problems if you want to edit your videos but our app “Video maker of photos with music: Video maker, Slideshow editor”

We have all the features you might need

Overlay Themes

Adding an overlay theme to a video used to be a very difficult job but now you can do it within minutes by follow these easy steps given below.

Trim Video

Trimming videos isn’t sometimes as easy as it sounds; very large and very small videos can give you some hard time trimming them, but our newly personalized “custom” feature provides you precise trimming by just entering the exact start and end time you will have your trimmed piece done in a minute.

Slideshow Maker

With our new “slideshow” option, creating slideshows is easier than ever. If you’re also planning a trip, remember town. Why don’t you try this feature and take your friends and family with you too? Follow these easy steps given below to create your own slideshows.

Video Merger

If you want to merge your favourite videos into one with our app you can do it very easily, just follow these given steps to start doing it.

Square Video

To arrange your video in a square layout seems kind of impossible but it’s possible with us. Just follow these easy steps given .

Add Music

Mixing audios and videos together is a very technical thing but With Video maker of photos with music: Video maker, Slideshow editor, it is a trick that is right up your sleeve. 

Rotate Video

To rotate your video in different angles we have the perfect option for you. look at the steps given .

Video to mp3

Now our app allows you to convert your videos into mp3 sounds in just one tap. Follow the steps given below in the description.

Video Tutorial

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