Paint by Number Art - Tap Color

Relax and unleash creativity with Color & Paint By Numbers! Enjoy a stress-relieving paint-by-number experience. Create and share beautiful artworks effortlessly.

Color & Paint By Numbers offers the perfect stress-relieving experience! Explore a plethora of coloring pages to create your own masterpieces. Happy coloring!

All pictures are numbered; simply choose an image, follow your heart, and tap the corresponding coloring cells based on the palette’s numbers. Completing an artwork and bringing pictures to life is easy and quick with this paint-by-numbers approach. Coloring has never been simpler—try it now and create fantastic coloring pages effortlessly!

Key Features:- 

  • Convenient and fast: Paint by numbers anywhere without the need for pencil or paper.
  • Various unique images and new coloring pages.
  • A wide variety of themed categories.
  • Easy to color: Enjoy the simplicity of painting by numbers and app navigation. Use hints to find tiny, hard-to-spot cells.
  • Quick sharing: Share your number coloring artworks on social networks with friends and family.

Paint by Numbers helps you indulge in coloring games whenever you desire. Enjoy the adult paint-by-number experience, and most importantly, savor the joy of being yourself!

How to use Paint by Number Art – Tap Color app

Step 1:-  Download and install the Paint by Number Art – Tap Color app from the Windows app store. Open the app, click on the “Templates Designs” option, and explore various categories such as Cartoons, festivals,Interior, Loves, etc. Choose your preferred category and select a template design to start coloring.

Step 2:-  Each template design features numbered sections and corresponding color cells. The numbers signify different areas of the design, while the color cells guide you on the colors to use.

Step 3:-  Start coloring by tapping on a numbered cell. The chosen cell will be filled with the designated color automatically. Keep tapping on numbered cells until you finish that specific section.

Step 4:- Once you have finished coloring the design, you can admire your artwork in full color. Take a moment to appreciate your creation and the sense of accomplishment it brings.

Step 5:-  

  • All Done ! Now click on save button and save your creation. If you want to share your masterpiece with others, the app provides a quick sharing option. You can easily post your artwork on social networks or send it to your friends and family to showcase your talent.
  • For a continuous coloring experience, explore other template categories and designs available in the app. There are endless possibilities to unleash your creativity and relax your mind.

Enjoy the soothing and meditative experience of coloring with Paint by Number Art – Tap Color. Let your imagination soar as you create stunning artworks and find solace in the beauty of colors.