Video Cutter


Are you a vivacious user of social media applications? Well,if yes then this application is best curated for you. Some platforms mandate a time limit for the videos or the reels you want to upload, use video cutter master to trim the video with a handful of tools. Additionally, it provides the framework to enhance the trimmed video consequently making your uploadable content more astounding. 

Video cutter master is a user- friendly, full-featured video cutter  loaded with powerful and easy-to-use tools. The application validates you to trim or cut a video in myriad  parts while conserving the originality of clips. The audio and video quality of the content trimmed stays the same for the  selected time interval. In the fast moving life, we don’t want anything to slow us down; the app accords you with speedy activities. It enables you to convert the trimmed video in desired format and resolution. Premium quality video formats such as MP4 ,MOV , MPEG and many more are orchestrated in the application which makes it adaptable. There are embedded in the app many filters to give an aesthetic look to the video. With the right tools, this process can be fun and untroublesome. It comes with a guide to make the use of the app more clear.


Video trimming or cutting comes with its own perplexity and hassles. To challenge the limitations of ‘video trimming’, we present you with the video cutter master. It’s an era to end the endless toil in this field. 

Once you get your hands on the app, you will never uninstall it. ‘Video cutter master’ will become your companion. So download it as soon as possible and get started!

Guide to use: Video cutter Master

Step 1:

After you have successfully downloaded “Video Converter Media Converter All Formats” on your PC or laptop, open the app

Step 2:

Once you open the app, you will be directed to a page showing an option to start a new project.

Step 3:

As you move forward after clicking the “start new project” option, there will appear a dialogue box that will make you choose the video from your device which you want to cut or trim. Open the location of the video and select the same and click on the ‘open’ tab to move forward with the application.

Step 4:

In the next slidevideo cutter master’ bring forth the desired format (i.e. MP4, MOV, WMV) to give your video a professional quality.

Step 5:

Moving forward, it provides you with not one but seven resolutions that you can apply as per your wishes to give it a professional and premium look.

Step 6:

The subsequent slide presents you with the timeline of the video at the bottom. You need to select the duration i.e. the starting and the ending point, to trim the original video and click on the Next button located at the bottom right corner.

Step 7: Next slide presents to you the video playback options and to export the video so trimmed into your device. The application provides a vast and smooth Material Design.