Cut-Cut MagiCut Photo Editor

Photoshop is a very technical and professional job and not everyone can be a pro with those complicated features of it. Getting trained to cut and paste seems like a lot of time investment and we don’t have that much of it on our hands.

Photo Creation

Our creation feature allows you to set up your workshop to edit your dream pictures. We have many options to help you add your magic to your projects. You will get to them in a minute by following these easy steps.

Photo Edit

The edit option of our app allows you to edit your pictures as you like. Our advanced and precise editing options will enable you to turn your photos into anything from memes to professional clicks. This feature will take your creativity to its peak.

Tools Shop

Our shop feature provides unique features in one place to add goofy and aesthetic qualities to your picture. This feature is very carefully yet personally designed for everyone, as it has a lot of variety in its content for the users.

PIP Photo

PIP Camera allows you to combine blurred photos with photos in glass, hand, camera, board and many more handcrafted frames to create the perfect picture-in-picture effect.

Fusion Effect

The fusion feature allows you to overlap two pictures over each other. You can select the amount of overlapping very quickly, giving fantastic editing effects to the picture. Follow these easy steps that are provided.

Video Tutorial

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