How To Playback Video?

When it comes to video and audio playing one can go through a lot of trouble, downloading different apps for different formats can be a headache.  Well, our app “DVD video audio player – play all formats” provides you the best features to play your videos and audios anytime and anywhere. This is the best app which supports every format and can play any type of videos within a second. Get rid of those several apps now because this app can do everything you need. Our updated and precisely designed features provide you the best assistance when it comes to video and audio playing. Look at our features listed below and follow the steps given to start using this app right now.DVD Video Audio Player – Play All Formats is the best audio and video player that you will come across on windows.

You can directly play any Youtube links or any other online link, which is why this app is different from any other player in store. Our stunning media player works as a live movie player and audio player. Network streaming available. You can provide any URL and even it fetches by text also.

Features of Media Player:

  • Automatically videos from gallery are loaded
  • Video effects and Audio Effects with full control
  • Slow and fast forward your video tracks
  • Keyboard Handling feature is available
  • If screen is locked, app still runs.
  • Video Player: Free player that supports all popular formats
  • Subtitles: Enable/disable or select the available subtitle tracks
  • External Subtitles: Media player also allows users to add external subtitle
  • Network Stream: Allows network streaming by providing a URL
  • Screen capturing is available
  • Forward & Backward Jump available

Video File Converter features available from within the app itself, so that you can convert your video file into any other video formats like Mp4, WMV, Avi and Transcode Profiles available are 1080p(1920×1080), 720p (1280×720), WVGA (800×480), NTSC (720×480), PAL (720×576), VGA (640×480), QVGA (320×240).

The video player also supports subtitle tracks with an option to enable or disable the subtitle’s file. Users also have an option to add external subtitles.

However, to access the external subtitles, the subtitle file must be selected from the given path.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a full HD 4K player. We will appreciate any feedback or comments. Please rate us if you like it.

Our new and updated playback options are here to help you with everything you need when It comes to playing audios or videos.

They are advanced and professionally designed according to surveys conducted for viewers needs when it comes to playing videos and audios. Follow these easy steps given below to access those features and experience the pleasure yourself.

Step 1: Open “DVD video audio player- play all formats” on your device

  • Choose any desired file from your device with the choose folder or pick a file option on the left side of the home screen.
  • Play the file by clicking on it on the playback screen.
  • Now the features are available on the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the centre button to play/pause the video.
  • The single arrow icon next to the fast forward icon will switch to the next track by clicking on it.
  • The double arrow icon on the left of the play button is to rewind the playing video.
  • The single arrow icon next to the rewind icon will switch to the previous track by clicking on it
  • The double arrow icon on the right of the play button is to fast forward the playing video.
  • Click on the full screen icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to play your video on a full screen mode.
  • The square shaped icon will stop the video by clicking on it.

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