Video editing is a very essential skill these days, we all need it somewhere in our daily lives, whether it’s short funny videos, school projects, social media stories. It’s simple video editing but it can be a tough job too. Now with our app “video joiner: video merger” we are providing you a platform to change that, now you can create and edit your desired videos very easily. It’s a simple to use yet very creative app that allows you to join or merge your videos and make a perfect one as you like. Our newly advanced and easily operating features allows you to create fabulous videos in the comfort of your bed. Don’t wait for anything else, take a look at our amazing features and follow the given steps to create and merge your favourite videos into one. Video Joiner : Video Merger has a very simple to use interface.

Video Merger is a simple app to merge and join video files into one file. It supports different video formats. Video Merge – Side By Side is a unique app which lets you make creative videos. Take two videos and merge them into one video and see them playing side by side.

Merging videos is a very important part of video editing as it allows you to join your desired videos and make one single video with all of them. It was a very complicated job but now with “video joiner: video merger” it is very easy to join or merge your desired videos. Our “merge video” feature provides you every little option you will need to merge your videos. Follow the steps given below to start merging your videos right now. It’s not just about merging the videos or joining them together it’s also about which ones you want to merge.

By using Video Merge you can:

  • Video Merge Side by Side: Select two videos and the videos will merge in side by side style.
  • Video Merge Up Down: Select two videos and the videos will merge in up down style.
  • Video Merge Sequentially: Select two videos and the videos will merge one after one style.
  • Save and share merged videos on any social networks with friends and family.

With our app “video joiner: video merger” you can select any of your desired videos from your device and start merging them right away. Follow the easy steps given below to start selecting your favourite videos.This option is desirable for merging videos for your Facebook and Instagram Posts. Mainly for IGTV Videos and Stories on Tik-Toks. You can Also use this feature for professional use.

Step 1: Once you have selected your desired videos from your device. 

Step 2: You’ll see a default option “Continuity” 

  • This enables you to put the videos on continuity.
  • Your video will be played one by one in continuation.
  • This layout is preferred while you are making videos for your YouTube and websites for comparisons and to show multiple videos on one screen.
  • Click on the Merge video option to move forward. 

Step 3: Save and share 

  • Click on the Merge video option to move forward.
  • Click on save button and wait for saving.
  • After save you can share app open save file folder.

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