Screenshot Capturing Tool

Take a full page screenshot of any screen you are working on, be it a webpage or a any programming screen.
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Guide to use : Screenshot Capturing Tool

  • Open Your application and choose any option that you want to perform :
  • Start : Capture screenshot
  • Video Rec : Record video
  • Gallery : Edit Gallery Photo or screen

Start & Gallery

  • Showing all active window screen to capture screenshot.
  • Click on window which you want to use and click on ok button.
  • Gallery : If you select image from your gallery follow the same step after that step.
  • click on edit button to edit screenshot.
  • click on Retake button to retake screenshot.
  • Select screen and crop screenshot.
  • Click on mark button and mark screenshot content.
  • marker size to set marker size.
  • marker color : Change marker color.
  • click on Add Text button to write text on screenshot.
  • Click on save button to save screenshot.

Video Rec.

  • click on video record button and after that click on desktop icon here you can seen all active window select any window which you want to record.
  • After select screen choose screen option that showing on left.
  • click on start recording button to record your video after click on start recording goto the selected application which will you work on the application it’s recording.