Screen Recorder - Record Audio, Capture, Edit

Screen Recorder is a free screen recorder app to record and capture the screen in video formats.
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Guide to use : Screen Recorder - Record Audio, Capture, Edit

Let’s get started :

  • Screen recorder application record screen activity and take screenshot.
  • At first screen (Home Tab) select the recording setting.
  • choose mouse type.
  • Record screen type : Full screen, selected area, using Webcam.
  • set all the setting as you requirement.
  • Click on clock tab there all screenshot list that is taken by you.
  • In setting tab set language setting and other setting related to screen recording application.
  • Click on configure button to configure the application advance setting.
  • Download the FFmpeg log file if this application not working.
  • You can also record live streaming using this application.
  • Click on HotKeys tab and set the shortcut keys for this application.
  • configure the screenshot image format.
  • click on screenshot tab and set the image format.
  • Click on brush icon that showing on home left tap side to edit the screenshot image.
  • The image editor also given in this application.
  • Click on this icon and choose screenshot and edit : select and highlight something in screenshot.
  • Click on select area screen recording button and draw the area on screen.
  • start recording and only the select area screen activity will record and save in your file storage.