DVD Video Audio Player - Play All Formats

DVD Video Audio Player - Play All Formats is the best audio and video player that you will come across on windows.
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Play Video

Guide to use : DVD Video Audio Player - Play All Formats

Let’s get started : Select video showing on your screen.

  • This application read videos from your file.
  • Click on The Add Folder button to add folder to play video.
  • click on pick a file button to pick a single audio or video file from your file storage.
  • Click on Clear list button to clear playlist.
  • In This application you can also play YouTube video.
  • Click on search field and write something that you want to search on YouTube.
  • At Top Your searching result will show you.
  • Click over any image to play video.
  • Search File by name.
  • In this section you can search your file video/audio by name.
  • Click on media trascode to Transfer video to other video format.
  • Select source : Pick video from file.
  • Target format : Set Format of video.
  • Transcode Profile : Select quality of video.
  • Set Output : Choose the location to save video.
  • Wait a moment after click on Transcode button.
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