Cut Cut - MagiCut Auto Cut Paste Photo Editor

Cut Cut - MagiCut is a free-to-use photo editor app that lets you easily cut and synthesize the background of your photos.
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Guide to use : Cut Cut - MagiCut Auto Cut Paste Photo Editor

Let’s get started : Click on the button which you wish to perform i.e.

  • EDIT
  • WORKS : My edit photos 
  • SHOP
  • PIP

How to edit photo using CREATION TOOL

  • Click on creation button and choose photo from your storage.
  • Please Select The Area That You Want To Cut By Dragging.
  • Your Selected Area of Photo showing here.
  • Adjust photo height and width.
  • You can change Background image.
  • Click on Gallery button to choose background from your Gallery.
  • Click on BG button and there is lot’s of Background image, you can choose background from here.
  • Click on Adjust button and Adjust photo lighting effect.
  • Blur : Blur background photo.
  • Contrast :  Set the contrast of background photo.
  • Set Exposure, saturation, sharpness and Brightness.

How to Edit photo using magiCut tool

  • Click on Edit button (second option of starting page) Choose Photo form Gallery.
  • There is lot’s of Professional Tools for Editing.
  • Click on filter button to apply filter on photo.
  • Click on Stickers button to apply Cool and funny sticker. choose Sticker and adjust sticker.
  • Click on Rotate button to rotate photo.
  • Click on Mirror Button to apply mirror effect on photo.
  • Click on Adjust button and Adjust Contrast, Exposure, saturation, sharpness and Brightness.
  • Click on Graffiti button to apply Graffiti effect on photo.
  • Choose effect style and Drag mouse on photo as brush.
  • Eraser to Erase effect.
  •  Click on Template button and choose lot’s of beautiful Templates here.
  • Click over template to apply.


  • In this section small tools ( shortcuts for edit small changes )
  • REPLACE BG : Change Background photo.
  • TEXT :  Write Text on Photo.
  • TEMPLATE :  Apply template on photo.
  • PIP : Create Template Photo.
  • FUSION : Create Fusion effect.
  • STICKERS : Apply Stickers on photo.
  • FILTER : Apply filter on photo.
  • FRAME : Set frame on photo.


  • Click on PIP Option from starting page and select the photo from your gallery.
  • Choose the PIP Frame.
  • Adjust photo and Click on check button and save the photo in your gallery.


  • Click on FUSION button at staring page.
  • There is two photo Fusion 
  • Click on first photo this is main photo choose from your gallery.
  • and click on other photo you can choose photo from your file or default background photos you can use.
  • Adjust the both visible.
  • click on check button to save photo in your gallery.